Powerball winners donate jackpot to help small town

Powerball winner in Missouri pays back community with new fire station
Powerball winner in Missouri pays back community with new fire station

Powerball winner Mark Hill and his family decided to pay their success forward by building a state-of-the-art fire station in the small town of Camden Point, Missouri.

Volunteer firefighters saved his father's life twice.

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"My wife and I were able to pay them back," Hill told KMBC.

The building, which will be dedicated on July 16, houses ambulances and fire trucks and has a training room.

Fire chief Walt Stubbs said he wasn't surprised the family pledged to donate the money.

"Money changes a lot of people," Stubbs told CNN. "They are just good people and are willing to help others."

Mark Hill and his wife Cindy have seen their dreams of building community with their winnings come true.

This isn't the first time the family has donated to the town.

The family donated money to build a new ball field and acquired land for a new sewage treatment plan according to previous reports.

In 2012, the Hill family split a $588 million jackpot, choosing to receive a lump take-home sum of $136.5 million.

They decided to remain humble. According to KMBC, this was Mark Hill's first televised interview since he won the lottery. He said he'd rather be changing the oil in his car.

"I'm proud to know there's an ambulance service right here, I mean, how many towns of 500 people have an ambulance service that's manned 24-7?" he told the station. "...I'm proud to be part of that."

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