Oregon mother fatally shoots intruder hiding inside her child's bedroom

Mother Fatally Shoots Intruder Hiding Inside Her Child's Bedroom
Mother Fatally Shoots Intruder Hiding Inside Her Child's Bedroom

A mother returning to her home in Portland, Oregon with her two children, shot and killed an intruder who was in her child's bedroom early Sunday morning.

Officials arrived at the woman's home around 1:45 a.m. after receiving a report of a shooting inside of the home.

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The incident occurred at 4100 SE 118th Place when the mother found a 59-year-old male inside one of her children's bedrooms. She was armed with a handgun and proceeded to kill the intruder.

Officers who arrived at the scene found the man dead on arrival.

The suspects name will be withheld until the medical examiner provides an autopsy and the deceased's family is notified.

Sgt. Pete Simpson says the mother and children are "understandably traumatized" and that the Portland Police Bureau "are going to help with that side of things as well."

The mother was not arrested and is cooperating with investigators. The still ongoing investigation will find whether the killing was self defense or if she will face charges.