Ooh! This trick will make your mascara last longer

The Secret to Applying Mascara
The Secret to Applying Mascara

Putting on mascara is Makeup 101, so we were shocked to find out that every day, we've been making a tiny mistake that shortens our mascara's shelf life. And that is pumping the wand in and out before applying. We thought we were removing clumps from the brush, but turns out that just makes things worse. Here's what to do instead...

What you need: Your favorite mascara.

What you do: Instead of pumping the wand in and out of the tube, just lift it straight out. If there are any clumps on the brush, carefully remove them by running the brush along the rim of the mascara tube. (And then wipe the rim with a tissue.)

How it works: Every time you pump the wand, you're pushing air bubbles into the tube, which will dry out your makeup. Clump-free lashes and fewer trips to Sephora? Win-win.

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Image credit: Simon Potter/Getty Images