New Rihanna tune rocks 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer

Star Trek Beyond Trailer Premiers Rihanna's New Single
Star Trek Beyond Trailer Premiers Rihanna's New Single

Rihanna is ready to work for Star Trek.

Star Trek Beyond opens on July 22, but that's not why you're watching this new trailer. The big draw is Rihanna's new single, "Sledgehammer," which injects some extra gravitas into the sci-fi spectacle.

The third Trek movie of Paramount's J.J. Abrams-rebooted universe finally sees the crew of the Enterprise off on their five-year exploration mission — the same mission that drove the events of the original TV series.

The story picks up halfway through the journey, with the crew ending up stranded on an unknown planet, facing an entirely new threat. That's Star Trek for you, only now with 100% more Rihanna.

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