Need a helicopter ride? There's about to be a $63 Uber option for that

Uber Helicopter Rides May Soon Become a Reality
Uber Helicopter Rides May Soon Become a Reality

In some cities, getting from one place to the next can feel longer than a cross-country flight, and the cost of a cab or car service is certainly reflective of that. Wishing you could be able to zoom past rush-hour traffic and just simply fly over it is nothing new.

But for residents in São Paulo, Brazil, that wish is about to become a reality.

Better yet, an affordable reality.

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With over 20M residents, São Paulo is an international financial hub, with extremely congested roads and a big traffic problem.

It's also conveniently the biggest market for Uber in all of Latin America.

And now, Uber's about to capitalize on the market even further.

The company is about to introduce UberCopter, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

For what the company claims can be as low as $20 a ride, a helicopter will pick you up and take you to your destination. All accessible via pressing a button in the app, of course.

Take a look at UberCopter in São Paulo below:

The company will be operating helicopters out of four airports and five helipads around São Paulo.

As one Bloomberg writer reported, Uber will send a car to pick you up from your starting point and drive you to the helipad where the helicopter is operating out of.

You'll also have the ability to split rides (and the fare) in the helicopter with other users through the app, just like Uber.

Your fee will include the cost of the car ride to the helipad (which was $9 for the Bloomberg reporter) plus the cost of the actual helicopter ride itself (which was $63).

Uber Brazil's manager, Gui Telles, told Bloomberg:

"We are always looking for the best price which is sustainable for partners and helicopter owners. The helicopter taxi industry has been around and idle here for ages, and we are just using technology to make better use of it."

Whether or not the price of the ride is worth it is definitely situational.

For those living in more crowded business areas of the city (mainly the Financial District) it makes complete sense, as sitting in a couple of hours of traffic on the road would probably result in a near-equal, if not higher, fee.

São Paulo will be the first city to try UberCopter on a citywide scale.

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