Med student creates glove that reduces Parkinson's tremors

Med student creates glove that reduces Parkinson's tremors

A new wearable technology could transform the lives of patients with Parkinson's Disease. Faii Ong, a medical student at Imperial College London, has developed a glove that helps patients with Parkinson's to control tremors. His GyroGlove reduces tremors by 80 percent.

The glove uses gyroscopes, or rotating discs, that can't be thrown off its rotation. The gyroscopes create an opposing force in the opposite direction of the tremor. This allows patients to write, use cutlery, and drink coffee. Gyroscopes are also used in aerospace technology such as satellites and rockets.

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Ong was inspired to invent the glove after working with a 103 year old Parkinson's patient who was extremely debilitated by her tremors. His team of doctors, engineers, and designers plan to ship the product in early 2017.

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