Lucky Leno: Ex-Late Night host survives unhurt after flipping car in heart-stopping crash

Jay Leno Survives Classic Car Flipping Over Multiple Times During Stunt Mishap
Jay Leno Survives Classic Car Flipping Over Multiple Times During Stunt Mishap

Shocking video of Jay Leno in a terrible rollover car crash has emerged.

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The former Tonight Show host was taking a ride with 80-year-old stunt driver Bob Riggle at Irwindale Speedway in California while filming a segment for the funnyman's CNBC show, Jay Leno's Garage.

The accident is shown in a clip for the upcoming episode, premiering Wednesday.

The goal was to get the car with 2,500-horsepower vehicle up on its back two wheels. Riggle is known for having perfected the stunt for decades.

"This has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, ever since it stood up in 1965. The Hemi Under Glass has been the king of the wheelstanders at dragstrips all across the country," Leno said. "And now nearly 50 years later, he's the only 80-year-old guy who can regularly get it up — you know, on two wheels."

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Prior to starting the stunt, Leno joked: "Twenty-five hundred horsepower on two wheels — what could go wrong?"

Riggle hit the gas and the car's front wheels shoot up, but as they navigate a sharp turn, he loses control and they flip multiple times.

Cameras captured them being violently tossed around. Incredibly, neither man was hurt.

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