Here are what the girls from Disney Channel's 'Double Teamed' are up to now!

11 Disney Channel Stars Then and Now

Disney Channel movies were some of our favorite things growing up, along with their TV show line-up, of course.

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Of some of the greats included the likes of "Thirteenth Year," "Don't Look Under the Bed" which was probably the scariest movie Disney Channel has ever made, and of course, "Smart House." However, one of our ultimate faves was the basketball centric, "Double Teamed."

"Double Teamed," which was actually based on a true story, centered on twin sisters, Heidi and Heather, who were both hard at work trying to obtain college scholarships while playing on their high school basketball team.

We find out that Heidi goes on to play for the Los Angeles Sparks, and Heather plays for the Sacramento Monarchs...two real WNBA teams!

We were curious, what are the 'twins' up to now?

First up, Heidi, who was played by Poppi Monroe. Poppi (right), seems to have taken a bit of a break from acting, with her last role having been in 2006 on "CSI: Miami." However, according to her Facebook, she is currently the account manager for a Vineyard in, yay wine!

Photo cred: Facebook

And lastly, Heather, played by Annie McElwain. Annie also seems to have left acting in the dust, with her last appearance in 2006 on a show called "Shark." However, she now runs her own business as a wedding and lifestyle photographer! Just check out some of her amazing work here.

Oh what we'd give to have that kind of programming on Disney Channel again. Speaking of Disney, check out more from the company in the gallery below!

10 of the best Disney sidekicks ever
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10 of the best Disney sidekicks ever

Where would Simba have been without the help and riduculous banter of Pumbaa and Timon in "The Lion King." The unlikely duo of a meerkat and a warthog made this pair one of the best sidekick duo's in Disney history. 


Dressing up as a male to impersonate a warrior in the Chinese military would have been pretty difficult for Mulan without the help of Mushu: Guardian of the Fa family. Despite Mushu's early failings as a guardian, the feisty dragon was a constant support for Mulan with his sound advice, loving demeanor and fast-thinking in a pinch. 

If one must be holed up in a castle with a ghastly beast, it's best to have Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts on your side. Each brought a special sidekick quality to the table. Cogsworth was safe and practical, Lumiere always had romance and Belle's heart on his mind and Mrs. Pott's provided a motherly vibe. The trio were ultimate sidekicks for Belle in "Beaty and the Beast." 

Everyone needs a buddy and Flounder was just that for Aerial in "The Little Mermaid." Admittedly, Flounder wasn't always the best sounding board for the red-headed swimmer, but he made a good sidekick since he was always down for an adventure. 

What do a hummingbird and a raccoon have in common? They were both besties and sidekicks for indian princess Pocahontas. In the 1995 flick, Meeko and Flit provided just the right amount of comedy without ever saying a word. Now that's tricky. 

Any sidekick that will let you float down a river on their tummy is alright by us. Baloo the Bear and Mowgli were the best of pals in "The Jungle Book," and the best part about Balloo was he was always ready to dance and sing. We like that in a sidekick. 

Scheming, selfish and funny aren't exactly three words that you'd want in a sidekick, but Abu usually let his conscience take over when he and Aladdin were up to no good. Plus, he busted Aladdin out of a jail, dressed up as an elephant and more in order to help out Ali. 

Olaf was an immediate hit with everyone in "Frozen." The inherently happy snowman sprung to magical life in order to help Anna chase down Elsa and help end the snowpocalypse that would have ruined the kingdom. Daring and happy? Talk about a good mix.  

High five for Hercules and Pegasus! Not only does the winged horse regularly rescue the Greek god from many precarious situations, he also really cares about Hercules. So much so that he gets a bit jealous when Herc falls head over heels for Meg. But best friends are definitely supposed to do that -- because they have your best interest at heart. 

Tinker Bell definitely has a bit of an attitude problem, but she makes up for it by bringing a bit of sparkly magic everywhere she goes in Neverland. Even though she's a bit selfish and has a temper, she proves her worth when she's willing to go down in sparkly flames in order to protect Pan. 

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