Amazing new discovery made at Pompeii site

Amazing New Discovery Made At Pompeii Site
Amazing New Discovery Made At Pompeii Site

Amazing findings have come out of Pompeii.

French and Italian archaeologists discovered four skeletons and three gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop.

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Located on the outskirts of the city, near Naples, the archeologists say that the shop was most likely looted after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius by thieves looking for treasure beneath the ashes.

One of the skeletons found belonged to an adolescent girl. Based on the skeleton's conditions, the historians predict that she must have succumbed to the volcanoes' wrath along with most of Pompeii's citizens.

Also among the findings was also a limestone tomb, which was located by excavators. The tomb dates back to the year 79, and contained a man's body.

Experts believe that among the recovered items was also a workshop which was likely used to make bronze objects.

While many bodies have been previously discovered in Pompeii, this discovery is unique. It marks one of the few times archeologists are able to designate a body with a place of work or a home.

It's as if the findings allowed the archaeologists to look at a scene from the past, which may lead them to new discoveries about the time period.

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