7 words to ban from your email that make you sound dismissive

Lauren's List: Words To Avoid In Emails
Lauren's List: Words To Avoid In Emails

Digital communication is a necessity in any workplace today. Between email, online messaging systems and texting, it's not uncommon to be speaking to your coworkers digitally as often as you are face to face.

And though this can be effective, it can also leave plenty of room for miscommunication.

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Without verbal cues or tone, sometimes the words we choose to use in a formal email or message can come across the wrong way, especially if we're responding to or sending a message to someone with whom we don't know that well in person, or that we don't see on a daily basis.

It doesn't take an entire email or long, drawn out sentences to set the tone of an email – in fact, most times, it's one poorly chosen word that rubs people the wrong way.

The purpose of a professional email is to be clear and direct while still being polite and professional.

Unfortunately, it's easy in such a short piece of writing to use one or two words that can make you seem dismissive, arrogant or rude.

Here are 7 words to avoid using in emails that can change the tone of your email from professional to dismissive:

Though these words don't always have a negative connotation in every context, it's best to avoid them completely when it comes to writing an email in order to prevent any sort of miscommunication.

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