These vegetables aren't all that good for you

These Vegetables Aren't All That Good For You

By Amanda Kabbabe and Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Growing up, your parents have been up your neck encouraging you to eat your vegetables. You may have known that potatoes aren't what they were talking about, but did you know that other vegetables are also not all they're chalked up to be?

Peas, for instance, are right there with potatoes when it comes to lackluster health benefits. They're high in starch, and eating too many can lead to weight gain.

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According to the USDA, celery is not only borderline nutritionless, but also close to poisonous. The water filled veggie contains an alarming number of pesticides.

Corn is also being exposed as a major vegetable let-down. The summer vegetable staple is known for its fair share of genetic modifications which can lead to sensitivity and increased allergens.

While eggplant served plain is safe, you may want to avoid cooking it with other meats. This vegetable is known for soaking up the flavor once it's cooked, meaning it also absorbs more of the fat and calories from other sources.

Perhaps the scariest veggie is the bell pepper. These peppers, of all colors, cause inflammation that can lead to heart disease and diabetes down the line. It also contains solanine, an alkaloid known to block nerve function.

Yikes. Pizza it is!

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10 nifty kitchen gadgets that make healthy eating easier
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10 nifty kitchen gadgets that make healthy eating easier

Food Huggers Silicone Storage Covers

This one falls under the category of "why didn't I think of this?" These silicone covers work great on fruits and veggies but also on opened containers. One reviewer even uses it to cover her cat food. There's also a separate shape for avocados!


Fusionbrands Silicone Food Pod Cooking Basket and Strainer

Steaming is one of the healthiest modes of cooking -- and this pod helps gather, remove and drain foods from boiling water or steam with ease. Use it on pastas, clams, oysters, potatoes, eggs and veggies.


Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This Amazon #1 best seller turns veggies into noodles with ease. You won't know how you lived without a spiralizer all this time!

Looking for something a bit smaller? This handheld spiralizer from OXO is awesome, too!


OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Obsessed with avocado? Us too. But that doesn't mean that they are always easy to work with. This genius Amazon best seller "splits, pits and slices" safely and easily.


Quirky Ventu Multi-Purpose Strainer Colander Serving Bowl

A removable base allows you to transition easily from strainer to serving bowl and back again -- making it great for salads, fruit and other healthy options! We love a good two-in-one!


Kishu Binchotan Water Purifier Charcoals

If your new year's resolution is to drink more water, you'll want to give this unexpected product a try. These charcoals actually help purify tap water (and make water taste great!).


Quirky Mocubo Cutting Board

Sometimes the worst part of cutting veggies is transporting it to your plate, bowl or pan. That's why these drawers are so clutch! Just open a drawer and slide veggies (using your knife) right in.


Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Many believe there to be some great health benefits in drinking red wine (in moderation of course!) -- and whenever you reach for a bottle, use this aerator. It takes seconds to use (just hold it over your glass, and pour your wine through it), and it makes wine (cheap or expensive) taste even better.


Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Unlike most food scales, the Ozeri scale's super slim design won't be an eye sore in your kitchen. Food scales are truly game changing when it comes to portion control.


BlueAvocado Re-Zip Seal Volume Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag Kit

Hate waste and want a higher performing plastic bag? This one's for you. These reusable bags are leak-proof, freezer safe and PVC, BPA and lead free.


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