'MythBusters' host Adam Savage reveals the one myth they never attempted to bust

'MythBusters' Stars Get Emotional After a Past Experiment Saved a Family
'MythBusters' Stars Get Emotional After a Past Experiment Saved a Family

MythBusters may be gone, but we'll never forget it -- which may have something to do with the hundreds and hundreds of explosions the show featured.

There is one myth the team never busted on the Discovery Channel series, and host Adam Savage revealed to CNET Magazine that it has to do with...ducks?

"Apparently, if you want to hunt ducks, a great method is to float pumpkins in a duck pond so the ducks become acclimatized to pumpkins floating around," he explained. "Then you put a pumpkin on your head, presumably with a couple of eyeholes in it and you swim up to the ducks. They don't even notice because it's just another pumpkin."

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"According to a friend who is a hunter, you can literally grab the duck by its feet and pull it under," Savage explained, before disclaimering. "To be clear, we weren't gonna do that on television. We're not gonna drown [ducks] or abuse them."

"But I was gonna go up in a pumpkin and catch a duck," he concluded.

Well, when you put it that way, we're actually kind of disappointed we never got to see him catch a duck wearing a pumpkin helmet.

Looking back, Savage also opened up about what he is most proud of now -- and it's not any one of the thousands of experiments. "It's totally amazing to me that people tell me they got into engineering because of MythBusters," he said. "We never thought of making a show that was educational."

Now, watch the MythBusters stars get emotional after learning that a past experiment saved a real-life family in the video below.