Man gets leave denied for a baby shower, his response goes viral

 Man Gets Leave Denied For A Baby Shower, His Response Goes Viral
Man Gets Leave Denied For A Baby Shower, His Response Goes Viral

Some baby showers have begun to include men—a change not everyone seems to be agree with.

One such person is a commanding officer, or CO, in the U.S. Army who responded sharply when a specialist requested leave for that reason, reports Elite Daily.

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An image recently posted online shows the written form with the remark, "Baby Shower."

It also includes the CO's response which states, "MEN DONT GO TO BABY SHOWERS."

The specialist then re-submitted the request with a different reason, stating, "Going home to the Appalachian mountains to drink whiskey, wrestle bears, and shoot lots of guns."

He then goes on to say, "I also plan to grow out a beard, chop down a hundred trees with my axe and eat 10 lbs of thick cut bacon with my wife, whom I plan to have lots of unprotected sex with, because I am a man and that's just what we do. Football."

An Army-focused Facebook account which posted both images reveals that the event was actually a baby shower for his own child.

It is unknown if the specialist was ultimately allowed to attend or how his CO reacted to the edited form.

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