Lil B will lift Kevin Durant's curse if he joins the Knicks

Kevin Durant Still CURSED by Lil B The BasedGod
Kevin Durant Still CURSED by Lil B The BasedGod

For as great as Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are, they have never been able to get over the hump of winning a title. Before the Cleveland Cavaliers, they had the best chance to beat the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, and despite losing, they were arguably the better team.

Lil B likes to take credit for Durant's struggles, having cursed him back in 2011 when he called the rapper "wack". Durant could've exorcised his personal demon when he faced Lil B's Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, but they couldn't beat them after taking a 3-1 series lead.

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After that series, many were convinced that the Lil B curse is powerful and that it might truly prevent Kevin Durant from winning a championship. But The Based God has a simple instruction for Durant if he wants the curse to be lifted:

One has to wonder why he would want Durant to join the Knicks since he isn't a Knick fan. But after acquiring Derrick Rose and forming a "Big Three" with him, Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps Porzingis, it seems like their fortunes might be turning around.

And after watching the Cavaliers break their championship drought, perhaps Lil B wants to see the Knicks return to their winning ways and have Durant win them their first title since 1973.

However, after the Thunder fleeced the Orlando Magic by getting three good young talents in exchange for Serge Ibaka, it seems like they are creating an environment in which Durant and Russell Westbrook will thrive.

While he was always favored to resign in Oklahoma City, this deal which makes the Thunder a favorite to get to the NBA Finals might keep him there for good.

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