5 things to check if you are prone to mosquito bites

5 Things to Check if You Are Prone to Mosquito Bites
5 Things to Check if You Are Prone to Mosquito Bites

If you are getting bit by mosquitoes way too often, you are not alone! Here are several scientific reasons why you may come off tastier than your friends...

1. Blood Type
A study showed that mosquitoes found people with Type O blood to be the most attractive to mosquitoes as published in The Journal of Medical Entomology.

2. Exercise
Exercise releases lactic acid and heat from your body which are calling cards for mosquitoes according to scientists from The University of Florida.

3. Bacteria
A study from the Public Library of Science showed that mosquitoes are attracted to natural skin bacteria. The more bacteria, the bigger the treat.

4. Pregnancy
Researchers in Gambia found that pregnant women are twice as susceptible to mosquitoes because of increased exhalation and body temperature

5. Clothing Color
Mosquitoes navigate with smell but also vision. The University of Florida found that red, black, and dark blue stand out to them.

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