Woman sues Starbucks after hot coffee incident

Woman Suing Starbucks After Being Burned by Hot Coffee

HOUSTON, TX (KIAH) - Some coffee is good to the last drop, just don't let it fall on you. A Texas woman is suing a Houston Starbucks, claiming she was severely burned by the scolding hot coffee.

Hey, but isn't coffee supposed to be hot? Starbucks customer Mike Szymecki thinks so, "It's pretty common sense that when you're handling a freshly brewed coffee, you kinda have to be careful with it. It's scorching hot."

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According to the lawsuit, Katherine Mize claims that in 2014 a Starbucks barista dropped a 20-oz cup of joe on her while she was in the drive-thru. Mize claims she was handed her coffee and the lid wasn't on there right, spilling on her. The coffee allegedly cause second degree burns to the plaintiff's lap area. To add insult to injury, Mize claims Starbucks employees never offered any help.

Of course, this isn't the first time coffee has caused problems. 20 years ago a jury in Albuquerque awarded almost 2.9 million dollars to a woman scolded by a cup of McDonald's coffee. And currently a Chicago woman is suing Starbucks, claiming the coffee giant puts too much ice and not enough java in their iced drinks.

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For this latest coffee case, Mize is asking for $200,000 to $1 million for medical expenses, loss of work, and for the mental and physical pain she claims the burning coffee caused her.

Seems like a hot case is brewing. We'll wait to see if this coffee conflict will head to court.

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