Woman finds 17-foot python slithering around her bedroom

Woman Finds 17-Foot Python Slithering Around Her Bedroom
Woman Finds 17-Foot Python Slithering Around Her Bedroom

Trina Hibbert got a not-so-warm wake-up call this week when she awoke to the sound of a lamp being knocked over in her home.

It turned out that the Australian woman didn't have just any intruder, as she realized her unwelcome 'guest' took the form of a 17-foot python.

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The terrifying creature managed to come into the apartment through a window in her living room.

The woman from Mission Beach in Queensland found the snake stretched out against a wall, hanging on a painting, heading into her bedroom when she noticed him.

She immediately picked up the phone to call snake-catcher, Dave Goodwin, who, according to BBC, "induced the snake to wrap around his forearm before capturing it inside a plastic home-brewing jug."

Before her slithering friend was removed from her home, Hibbert managed to capture a Facebook video, which has since been shared over 1,000 times.

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