The 5 daily habits this serial entrepreneur swears by

5 Ways To Be A Better Entrepreneur
5 Ways To Be A Better Entrepreneur

Succeeding in business and life involves consistently doing the right little things day in and out.

Successful entrepreneurs don't find themselves at the helm of thriving companies by accident. They're passionate and willing to work harder than anyone else, have a knack for understanding market need, and surround themselves with smart people who supplement their weaknesses as well as mentors who act as advocates and advisors. But little things matter, as well. That's according to serial entrepreneur Brian Lee who cofounded,, and The Honest Company, where he is currently CEO. Here are the daily habits he says help him succeed in business and life.

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1. Start the day focusing on family.

Making breakfast for his kids is one of the most meaningful parts of his day. Catching up with them before the day gets hectic helps him remember what matters most.

2. Use the commute to get work done.

Lee starts working as soon as he gets in the car. Bluetooth and hands-free calling allows him to make calls and schedule meetings while sitting in traffic. "This allows for more in-person connections while I'm at the office," he says.

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3. Don't check email all day long.

Sitting behind a computer is not the key to succeeding in business. Instead, Lee sets reminders to check email three times a day so he can be present and in the moment while interacting with his team. "Otherwise, I could spend my whole day checking emails, which isn't productive."

4. Be accessible to employees.

Lee says he and his cofounders have been intentional about creating a culture at The Honest Company in which team members have access to management and feel comfortable communicating with them. To make sure this happens, Lee walks through the office at least twice a day. "I enjoy getting to know people on a more personal level by being curious about what projects they're working on and if they need anything from me to be successful," he says.

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5. Wind down with "me" time.

Whether it's working out, meditating or journaling, the most successful entrepreneurs understand they need to recharge in order to take a company to the top. For Lee, it's playing video games after putting his kids to bed. "Playing Boom Beach, Slither, and occasionally, League of Legends... allows me to reflect on the day, gather my thoughts and set priorities for the remainder of the week."

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