Shaq photobombed this selfie-sneaking fan with the best mean mug the world has ever seen

Shaq Masterfully Catches Fan Trying to Sneak A Selfie
Shaq Masterfully Catches Fan Trying to Sneak A Selfie

When Domenick Nati, a publicist from Los Angeles, met Shaquille O'Neal at an event on Tuesday, he naturally felt the urge to snap a selfie of himself with the NBA legend.

While the event's rules prohibited cell phone photography, Nati secretly took a picture with Shaq anyways ... at least, that's what he thought.

Upon reviewing his rule-breaking footage, Nati discovered that Shaq was aware of his scheme the whole time, and made a hilarious mean mug at the camera to prove it.

Since it was posted on June 21, the video has racked up 18,000 retweets and 25,000 likes, and has even been featured on ESPN.

Nati even shared the hysterical mug captured from a second angle by a professional photographer.

Shaq: 1, Domenick: 0, indeed.

Lesson learned: Unless you're Aaron Carter, you're not going to pull a fast one on Shaq.