Senior boxer & his guinea pig copilot are the coolest duo since Batman & Robin

Unlikely Friendship Forms Between Wheelchair Bound Dog and Guinea Pig

The incredible human behind the Facebook page Leo Puppy Mill Survivor devotes her life to rescuing and fostering pups in peril. Inspired by her rescue Boxer, Leo, who passed away from cancer in 2014, Holly Walthers founded Team Leo to help some of the West Coast's most desperate dogs.


Perhaps that's why she ended up with the irresistibly adorable inter-species BFFs—Rockin' Rex the handi-capable Boxer and Smores the adventure-seeking Guinea Pig. After all, the theory of karma dictates that the universe rewards us for our good deeds—and Miss Holly has done plenty of amazing deeds!

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Rex joined Holly's pack in October 2015 when Team Leo pulled him from a kill shelter in California. As a senior dog suffering from degenerative myelopathy and dependent on a wheelchair, Rex's chances of making it out alive were slim. Thanks to Holly and Team Leo, Rex was given a miraculous second chance at a happy life.


Now living in Vail, Colorado that's exactly what he has! In fact, referring to Rex as "happy" is a huge understatement. Not only does he have a mom who provides the very best care and tons of supporters, he also has a furry sidekick to roll with!

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Rescue Boxer And Guinea Pig Besties Cuddle Up For Snack Time

Smores joined Team Leo this past January and instantly bonded to Rex. Even though Smores looks exactly like the delicious treat she was named for, Rex resisted the urge to eat her, and quickly grew to love her right back.


Smores' favorite thing to do is accompany Rex on adventures in his wheelchair. Together, the pair enjoy walks and occasional zoomies with Smores peaking out of her custom Guinea Pig sidecar.

Then after a nice snack...

... they snuggle into Rex's bed for a tandem snooze fest.


Yep, life is pretty good for these two unlikely pals!

H/T & Featured Image via Leo Puppy Mill Survivor/Facebook

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