Queen Elizabeth can't stop smiling at David Beckham during her young leaders awards

Queen Elizabeth is All Smiles Greeting David Beckham -- See the Pics!
Queen Elizabeth is All Smiles Greeting David Beckham -- See the Pics!

Queen Elizabeth, is that smile a wee bit bigger than usual?

We can't blame Her Royal Highness for beaming as she shook hands with David Beckham during the Queen's Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, a ceremony to honor a number of "exceptional young people" who are doing good in the world.

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This isn't the first time the two have crossed paths and she looked just as smitten -- or we might just be reading into it, because we certainly would be -- meeting Beckham during a reception for the Football Association in 2002.

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That blonde hair! The goatee! The queen looks basically the same. (Good for her.)

The retired soccer star Instagrammed a shot ahead of the awards, saying he was "looking forward" to visiting the palace.

"It's the second year I've been involved in the programme and I'm continually impressed by these inspiring young people who are running amazing projects around the world," he wrote.

The queen has been busy lately, first celebrating her 90th birthday and then going viral for scolding her grandson, Prince William, during the Trooping the Colour parade.

See images of Queen Elizabeth's transformation: