Mattel got it right with Barbie's new tech makeover

Barbie Has a Brain!
Barbie Has a Brain!

She's a Barbie girl, in a techy world...

That's right. Mattel puts a new Barbie on the shelves, and she's awesome.

Introducing 'Game Developer Barbie'. She's got glasses. She's in jeans, not a dress. Sneakers, not heels.

Head set and computer in tow, she's ready to rule the office. The computer even has real coding on it.

The creation of the new Barbie is based on real #girlpower inspiration. Molly Proffitt, CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, LLC., worked with Mattel to create the doll.

She said to The Huffington Post, "The computer has [Javascript] on it and you can see various instances of game engines on her laptop."

Proffitt continued to relay the significance of the project. "I really know that girls need an icon that shows that they can be a part of the [tech] space and Barbie does that. She has power to tell girls they can be makers and builder," she said.

It's a far cry from Mattel's past creations, which includes 'Nurse' and a 'Fashionista' line. You can get the new tech-savy, hip Barbie here.

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