Marla Maples' engagement ring, given to her by Donald Trump, goes up for auction

Marla Maples Auctions Off Engagement Ring Given To Her By Donald Trump
Marla Maples Auctions Off Engagement Ring Given To Her By Donald Trump

The pricey engagement ring that presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gave to Marla Maples is about to change hands again, and it can be yours for a pretty penny.

Trump married Maples, his second wife, in a lavish ceremony at New York City's Plaza Hotel in 1993.

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Maples wore a gorgeous 7.5 carat engagement ring from Harry Winston, but while diamonds are forever, the marriage was not, lasting just six years. The ring has been out of the public eye since.

But, the ring is back, and going on the auction block.

See photos of the ring:

It is actually the second time the ring has been for sale. Maples herself put the ring up for auction in 2000.

Though reports at the time claimed Trump originally paid about $250,000, the ring went for just $110,000.

The anonymous woman who bought the ring at that time has now decided to part with it.

Estate jewelry auctioneer Joseph DuMouchelle will sell Maples' ring next Wednesday at the Lotte Palace Hotel in New York City.

He told Inside Edition he believes it will go for about $300,000.

Photos of Trump and Maples:

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"It's Harry Winston, it's 7.5 carats, it's a great quality, it's owned by two well-known people, and it's just that time has improved it," he said.

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