Kylie Jenner looks like she peed her pants in funny video

Did Kylie Jenner Pee Her Pants?
Did Kylie Jenner Pee Her Pants?

Accidents happen!

Kylie Jenner may want to consider using a straw next time she decides to take a giant gulp of water. The 18-year-old reality star shared a hilarious video on Thursday where she spilled all over herself, which resulted in a massive stain on the butt of her pants.

Her famous derriere was completely soaked through, which made it look like she may have accidentally peed her pants.

In the video Kylie ask, "Does it look fine?"

"Yeah, no, you look good. It's fine. You can't notice it," her best pal Harry Hudson tells her.

We beg to differ -- it definitely doesn't look fine. It just goes to show, the Kardashian life isn't glam all the time.