J.R. Smith's torso has turned into a shirt (Photo)

Fans Welcome Victorious Cleveland Cavaliers
Fans Welcome Victorious Cleveland Cavaliers

Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, guard J.R. Smith has been on a different level since winning. The man refuses to put a shirt on anywhere he goes and now it's become viral to the point, where he just might not wear a shirt again for the near future.

Just about everyone has seen Smith's tattoo-filled torso at this point and it should come as no surprise that an apparel company has decided to make a shirt inspired by his shirtless endeavors.

Fresh Brewed Tees has made a shirt that is a mirror image of Smith's torso. The tattoos and the skin tone are to the point and now fans can rock their own Smith shirtless tee.

For those that wonder just what it's like to live a day in the life of Smith, they can now walk around shirtless too, even if it means wearing a shirt at the same time.

There is a shirt for just about everything these days.

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