Crazy beauty trend takes 'you are what you eat' to new levels

The New Beauty Craze: Wearing Food
The New Beauty Craze: Wearing Food

Some beauty trends make a lot of sense. We know avocado masks are good for our skin, coconut oil is good for our teeth, and witch hazel can clear up blemishes.

These beauty fads may definitely come and go, with waning popularity. Enter this new trend, which encourages people to concoct their own products.

Many times, the ingredients of a product may make or break it for us. Even if a product deems itself 'natural', as little as 1% of it may actually be natural.

So, it's time to put your kitchen to use. Got some berries? Plop them on your skin. Apple vinegar cider is good for your hair, and you can make your own exfoliating scrub with items in your pantry.

Knowing what you're using is natural (and also thinking about those savings!) will make you feel pretty good.

Let's get scrubbing.

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