Chobani's edible house is a fairytale, and it could be yours

Edible Cups Are Tasty And Eco-Friendly
Edible Cups Are Tasty And Eco-Friendly

Chobani is at it again. This time, the popular yogurt company is letting us relive our fairytale dreams from childhood.

It's Hansel and Grettle, you know, without the evil witch. And without the over-sugared (but so yummy) treats. It's a more trendy, happier fairytale for modern times. We love it.

And you can too, it's up for one lucky yogurt-lover for Fourth of July weekend.

Why? Because the company is just awesome.

According to a press release issued by the company, "it was was a fun way to come together with super passionate people and create something beautiful and natural to share with our fans. It's highly reflective of how we make and market our food."

It's a dream for the healthiest. Get this: the pool has floating gardens, the table has edible spoons, and there are walls upon walls of fresh produce.

Still don't have plans that holiday weekend, or you'd rather be in a delicious, blooming, green living space? Enter here.

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