Bulldog and fish will not stop kissing

We Love French Bulldogs!
We Love French Bulldogs!

Daisy is an 8-year-old French bulldog from Washington. She is quiet, lovable and rarely barks.

She also has a romantic relationship with a fish, according to BuzzFeed News.

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Her owner, Carrie Bredy, lives with two other bulldogs named Tomato and Walter near a large fish pond.

Last summer, she bought a chagoi koi carp named Frank.

That kind of fish is well-known for being friendly, and Bredy hoped the addition of Frank would help other fish socialize.

She didn't expect the fish to socialize with her dog.

Frank spends hours by the fish pond, just hanging out with Frank and, of course, kissing him.

You can follow Bredy and her updates on the unlikely couple on Instagram.

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