13 resume phrases that will get you hired

3 Common Phrases You Should Remove From Your Resume
3 Common Phrases You Should Remove From Your Resume

Trying to make your resume stand out can seem like an impossible task.

Between feeling the need to embellish your accomplishments and showcase your skills and talents without coming across as gloating and overconfident, it's hard to know what to include, what to remove and how to articulate exactly what you're trying to convey.

Resume readers and HR employees flip through hundreds of resumes, often skimming for certain skill sets and credentials.

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But even if you have all of the desired qualifications, there are still certain key phrases and words that hiring managers are looking for that exemplify your breadth of knowledge and understanding of the job at hand.

Your resume is the quickest way to sell yourself in a direct manner. Using these crucial words and phrases will get you noticed and get you to that interview.

Here are 13 words and phrases to always include in your resume:

It can be as simple as swapping a verb, noun, adjective or any combination of the three to describe and explain the skills, qualifications and experience you already have written on your resume.

Get ready to edit!

Now, check out 13 words you should never use to describe yourself:

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