These are the 10 most charitable companies

The Most Profitable Company in the US Didn't Top the Fortune 500 List
The Most Profitable Company in the US Didn't Top the Fortune 500 List

Finding satisfaction in a job depends on whether or not the nature of your work and culture of your company aligns with what you find to be the most important factors in a given job.

You might lean toward a higher salary, strong partnerships, flexible work-life balance or a myriad of other job aspects that motivate you to do your best and succeed.

For some, this driving factor is working for a company that's dedicated to giving back.

The Fortune 500 list is stacked with companies that know how to take their successes and channel them into people and organizations that give back.

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In fact, for most of these companies, their dedication to large-scale charitable work is part of what sets them apart from the competition.

And when we say large-scale, we mean multi-million dollar cash donations.

By compiling public records through IRS and SEC filings, The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a list of the most charitable public companies found in the top 150 companies in the Fortune 500.

Here are the top 10 most generous companies in the Fortune 500:

For the full list of 20, visit Fortune.

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