This site will automatically spoil 'Game of Thrones' for your friends every week for just $0.99

Game Of Thrones New Season Won't Spoil The Books
Game Of Thrones New Season Won't Spoil The Books

Meet — the bane of your friends who love "Game of Thrones."

For just $0.99 per friend, promises to automatically and anonymously send a text that ruins the newest episodes of the hit HBO fantasy series.

The texts will last through the end of the current season — that's June 26th, as there's only one more episode.

Because we tested it on a Tuesday afternoon, well before "Game of Thrones" Sunday air date, we can't guarantee that it works.

If you want to revel in the defeat of your friends, the Twitter account will post their responses, hopefully with any and all incriminating information deleted.

In a FAQ, the creators of explain that it was inspired by a now-classic Reddit thread where a woman got back at her cheating ex-boyfriend every Monday morning by spoiling "Game of Thrones" for him.

Now you, too, can get your vengeance every week.

Okay, great. But why does it cost $0.99? As that FAQ explains: "How else is a Lannister going to pay his debts?"

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