Still have your old Happy Meal toys? You may be sitting on a fortune

Vintage Toys Bring Big Bucks
Vintage Toys Bring Big Bucks

If you were an avid Happy Meal fan as a child, then this will probably make your day.

There are communities on the internet that exist primarily to buy, sell and trade Happy Meal toys collected from McDonald's stores around the world. Not only do these communities relish in the vintage toys, but they also made a business of out preserved Happy Meal boxes, too.

For instance, an entire 19-figurine set of the Minions from Disney-Pixar's wildly popular Despicable Me franchise is currently going for $360. Some other collections have even sold for upwards of $500.

Don't have a vintage Happy Meal toy? No worries. You can still make a fortune if you've saved an entire collection. If you're ready to sell your old today, however, check out the slideshow below to discover what some of the most valuable toys are going for on eBay today.

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