Sibling cops both save animals from busy traffic

Sibling Cops Both Save Animals from Busy Traffic
Sibling Cops Both Save Animals from Busy Traffic

By: Amanda Kabbabe/Gillian Pensvalle

Justin and Todd Kalk are brothers who were certainly raised with the best possible morals.

The brothers, both police officers, saved the lives of two animals in the same exact way.

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Justin was driving when he noticed the kitten in the roadway and swerved to avoid a tragedy. Justin then stopped traffic to pick the kitty up and took him straight to the City of San Antonio Animal Car Services.

They made the kitten feel right at home, naming him Thor, and wrapped him tight in a blanket which they called a "purrito."

Fortunately, Thor wasn't injured and is now ready to be adopted.

Just four days later, Justin's brother Todd followed suit. He arrived at ACS with a dachshund in tow.

Just like his brother, Todd stopped traffic to bring the pooch to safety.

The dog wasn't microchipped, and there was no sight or sign of his owners anywhere.

Luckily, the owners got wind of their missing dog and showed up to ACS to retrieve their lost family members. They promptly microchipped their rescued dog to avoid having a scare like that ever again.

Someone needs to give these guys, and their parents, a raise!

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