Scott Conant dishes on all things food

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The greatest chefs and foodies gather each spring in Colorado for the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

Of those was Chef Scott Contant -- now don't let his looks fool you he's been cooking for 34 years.


He recalls his love for foods across the spectrum. Favoring a no-named shack in New Orleans with the "best" turtle soup almost as much as a slow roasted sturgeon with caviar.

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However, those with a simpler palate can resonate with this chefs go to -- extra chunky peanut butter -- a treat he absolutely can't live without!

It's no secret Chef Conant is a lover of Italian cuisine -- so much so he opened Impero Caffè in New York City. A sleek restaurant with fewer then ten pasta specials on the menu. Perfectly paired with his favorite cocktail -- a classic negroni. A four part mix of gin, campari, sweet vermouth and orange.

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Despite cooking Italian food he's a lover of Japanese cuisine. Saying, "If I could do it all again, I would probably study Japanese food." Sharing the secret location to the best Italian food he's ever had -- Tokyo.

Sitting at @matsuhisaaspen the legend himself: @therealnobu. Amazing man - @conantnyc

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For a deeper look inside the life of Chef Scott Contant, check out the video above.

See more photos from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen in the gallery below:​

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