10 weird things you can buy at The Home Depot

Home Depot Beats Expectations, Raises Full Year Profit Outlook
Home Depot Beats Expectations, Raises Full Year Profit Outlook

The Home Depot is a magical land where all of your home and hardware needs exist in one giant, warehouse style store.

It's almost impossible to go in for one thing and not walk out with four or five other random accessories or supplies that you definitely didn't need.

It's the kind of store that makes you feel like you can change your nature and become a self-fixer, a pro at DIY projects.

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With such a wide variety of household products and appliances, from refrigerators to cabinets to décor, it comes as no surprise that there are a few rather questionable items lining the shelves.

Some of these items are questionable in nature, while others seem to simply have no place inside a The Home Depot.

Here are the top 10 most bizarre items we found that are sold at The Home Depot:

So whether you need new haircare supplies or fragrance for your pet, it looks like heading to your local The Home Depot will do the trick.

Hey, you never know when the occasion for an ice shaver will come!

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