This might be the most exclusive speakeasy in the world

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Every spring, the biggest culinary connoisseurs come together for one of the biggest food festivals in the world -- the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado.

Among the award-winning chefs and sommeliers, you'll also find the world's smallest speakeasy -- but only for the weekend. Good luck getting in.

For three days only, Jimmy's American Restaurant transforms its coat closet into Mini Jimmy's -- a cozy hideaway featuring some of the world's best cocktails.


Led by World Class US Bartender Competition champion Jeff Bell, the speakeasy is only 55 square feet and can only seat four people.

Bell is no stranger to speakeasies. His own bar, Please Don't Tell in New York City, is known for being one of the best speakeasies in town. For the past three years, he has flown across the country just to bartend at Mini Jimmy's during the festival.

Check out the gorgeous view from Aspen:

The world-class bartender takes his job seriously. In order to make PDT's famous Benton Old Fashioned cocktail at Mini Jimmy's, Bell had to bring some...unconventional ingredients in his luggage from NYC.

"I had to travel here with a suitcase full of bacon fat to do this drink here," he told

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The famous cocktail has three parts: Angostura bitters, bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup. The drink is finished up with a bit of orange twist. Watch the video above to see more of Mini Jimmy's and watch Bell whip up the drink.

To view the full recipe, check out the PDT cookbook.

See more photos from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen in the gallery below:

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