The inside of the world's only 7-star hotel will make your head spin

The World's Only Seven-Star Hotel
The World's Only Seven-Star Hotel

If you thought you were fancy for staying in five-star resorts, then we've got some humbling news for you.

A luxury resort in Dubai has just been rated as the world's only seven-star hotel.


Standing at a whopping 1,053 feet tall, the Burj Al Arab hotel seems as though it was ripped straight out of a champagne dream.

The experience begins once you arrive at the airport, where your chariot awaits you in the form of -- what else? -- one of the hotel's many Rolls-Royces.

And that's only if you want a casual pickup.

You can also choose to have a helicopter fly you to the resort. Naturally, it'll drop you off on the hotel's helipad, located on the 28th floor.

Surprisingly enough, the helipad isn't even the coolest thing about the top floor -- it also holds tennis courts and a golf course. Because at that point, why wouldn't it?

Upon entering, you are greeted with a lobby that looks more like the interior of a palace than a hotel, perfectly suited for the royalty you're paying to be.

And if you ever get hungry, you won't even have to worry about waiting until designated continental breakfast times to chow down.

With nine restaurants and bars, the food options are endless.

Perhaps one of the best parts of Burj Al Arab is that it sits on an artificial island, which allows you to enjoy the private butler service and infinity pools in total seclusion from the rest of the peasantry that literally doesn't even exist in Dubai anyway.

The stay promises one of the most luxurious, relaxing vacations that anyone can dream of -- all available for only the low price of €15,000 per night.

For the rest of us plebeians, here are some aspirational photos of the hotel to fantasize over: