Study shows eating chocolate improves brain functions

Study Shows Eating Chocolate Improves Brain Functions
Study Shows Eating Chocolate Improves Brain Functions

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! A new study indicates that chocolate intake is directly related to better brain function.

A 1970s study showed people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively. Now Georgina Crichton, a nutrition researcher at the University of South Australia, has published a study that further details the effects of chocolate on the brain.

Crichton's study found that there were "significant positive associations" between chocolate intake and cognitive performance.

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More specifically, consuming chocolate was significantly associated with superior "visual, spacial, memory and organization, working memory, and abstract reasoning." This superior functioning, as Crichton explains, translates into every day beneficial skills, such as "remembering a phone number or doing two things at once like talking and driving."

Translation: eating a ton of chocolate doesn't transform you into Albert Einstein.

But if you've been looking for an excuse to eat more chocolate, enhanced everyday brain activity is a pretty good one!

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