Ricky Dillion is the social media powerhouse to watch

Ricky Dillon is a powerhouse when it comes to social media. The young video creator first got his start by creating YouTube videos – quickly amassing over 254 million views and over 2.9 million fans on the platform alone. But creating unique and compelling videos from scratch isn't Dillon's only passion. He also has an incredible music career and his official EP titled "RPD" peaked at #3 on the iTunes charts. And on top of it all, Dillon also released his debut memoir "Follow Me" which takes readers on the rollercoaster that is online fame. From his day-to-day antics to how he creates his signature YouTube videos, "Follow Me" is Dillon's first-hand account at what it means to be a top influencer of our generation.

While his six years in the social space has been groundbreaking, 2016 looks to be Dillon's biggest year yet. And his newest book and studio album "GOLD" are just the start.

We recently sat down with the viral creator to talk about "Follow Me," his music career, and his social media videos. Ahead, find out what led Ricky Dillon to create videos on YouTube, how studying film helped him pursue his social media career, and how he conceptualizes his projects.

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How did you first discover social media?
I think Facebook was the first way. Back then it was just solely centered on interacting with friends from high school, so not the Internet the way it is now.

And you've been on YouTube for a really long time now, so what made you decide to be involved with that platform?
I've always made videos. Ever since I was young I'd be making home videos, remaking popular TV commercials and stuff. And then YouTube started to get popular so I put my stuff on there and it felt like natural, creative shift.

That's great! And you were studying film in school for a time. How did that play a role in the creation of your YouTube videos?
I didn't really enjoy studying film because I liked to be on camera. I like to be the one entertaining everyone, acting, and being silly, so my film degree was more focused on the behind the scenes logistics of film. I didn't really like that. I did learn a lot though. I learned editing techniques and how to use a camera, so it was useful.

Would you say that pushed you to pursue the type of film you're doing now?
It made me realize what type of film I wanted to. I was already doing YouTube before college, but when I took those kinds of classes and saw the future I would have with that degree, I knew it wasn't for me. So it made me realize what kind of future I want.

How have you seen YouTube evolve over the past 6 years?
It's always evolving. Trends come and go, and there's always new people coming around. It's never boring.

How do you navigate all the new trends there are on YouTube?
I always just try everything and have fun with it. It's important to hop on trends, have your take on them, and use your own personality to utilize that popular trend.

Talk to me a little about what happens with a video from start to finish – how do you conceptualize your videos?
It starts with an idea. I keep a list in my phone of video ideas that I pull through, and when I film I generally don't have scripts or anything. It can be crazy.

You said you carry an idea catalogue around with you. How often do ideas come to you on a day-to-day basis?
It's not that often, but I keep so many that I never run out. I could be at the gym working out and I'll get an idea; they just come from everywhere.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, click here. And head over to AOL.com at 12 p.m. ET for more exclusives on Ricky Dillon!

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