OnlyOnAOL: Jeff Goldblum gets all emotional on 'Independence Day'

Roland Emmerich, Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Jessie T. Usher, And Vivica Fox On "Independence Day: Resurgence"
Roland Emmerich, Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Jessie T. Usher, And Vivica Fox On "Independence Day: Resurgence"

By: Donna Freydkin

July 4 holds a very special place in Jeff Goldblum's heart.

It's when his massive hit, "Independence Day," exploded into theaters in 1996. And it's when, nearly two years ago, his son Charlie Ocean, was born; mom is Goldblum's wife, Emilie Livingston.

Charlie arrived right in the middle of shooting the sequel, "Independence Day: Resurgence," and precisely on deadline. Impressive, in an industry where punctuality isn't common.

"The baby was going to come. The due date was the 4th of July. They were very generous and they gave me a week. I didn't want to miss it. I'm nothing if not punctual. I'm very punctual. I don't want to make anyone wait," says Goldblum.

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His son, he reports, is "delightful. A boy can be tough."

Production on "Resurgence," opening Friday, was smooth as well. Goldblum plays David Levinson, a scientist tasked with saving the planet from another alien invasion. For him, the biggest challenge lay in "trying to get the balance of the tone of not taking it too seriously but having a real realization of the circumstances."

Director Roland Emmerich spent 20 years between films because the first one was so huge. "For me it was visiting this world and not dissapointing. When we did the first one, it feels like a blur to me. There wasn't much time to think," he recalls. "We gave ourselves only three weeks for the script. It was not changed much. To top that -- I think that's why we waited so long."

But technology has come a long way in two decades, and you can see all the work that went into creating this film's predator. "You talk about the queen bee? She looks pretty awesome. If you could see all the different versions, and then you have to make a decision," says Emmerich.

Viviva A. Fox also returns as a hospital administrator and widow of Will Smith's character. So excited was she to return that she wouldn't give any ground on set. "My stunt double wanted to do the stunts and I was like, 'Nope.' Remember one time I cracked into the light thing? 'I'm good!' I ran right into it. Just being so hard on myself, wanting to do so well," she says.