Hot bear takes a cool dip, plays with toys in family's pool

Bear Cools Off in Pool
Bear Cools Off in Pool

Shannon Lievense had just returned to her Bradbury, Calif. home with her baby after spending Father's Day at her parents', when she stumbled upon an unexpected visitor in her yard.

"When we walked in, I saw some footprints when I looked out. And then all of a sudden, the bear came from around the corner and ran in and jumped into the pool," she told ABC7.

See photos of bears from around the world:

With roasting hot temperatures reaching record highs over the weekend, we don't blame the furry guy for wanting to cool off.

He was having a great time, playing with the noodles in the pool, swimming and splashing around.

"He continued to play around for about 20 minutes. We watched him play with the different rafts and my baby's pool toys," Lievense said.

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