Cimorelli reveals the one song they can't stop singing in the shower


It doesn't matter if you're crooner Sam Smith or a cappella viral sensation Cimorelli, everyone, including some of music's biggest names, loves to sing in the shower. Blame it on the acoustics, but we've all got that one jam we can't help but indulge while we're getting ready in the morning. For the Cimorelli sisters, that ranges from Lorde to Becky G to everything in between. There's no surprise there; the girls all grew up listening to a variety of music. It what has influenced and created their very unique sound which has won the hearts (and ears) of over 3 million dedicated YouTube fans alone.

We recently sat down with the six-piece and we dished out our rapid fire questions to them. Above, find out what their emoji they think they're best like, their ultimate musical icon, and of course, their guilty pleasure shower song.

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