'Bizarre Foods' chef's favorite dish isn't bizarre at all

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Andrew Zimmern, the man who travels the globe in search of, let's be honest, the weirdest cultural delicacies he can find, does not have a particularly weird food that he calls his favorite.

Perhaps because his job requires taste-testing dishes like grilled udder and pork brain tacos, his favorite indulgence when he's not on the road is far from unique. which may actually be a breath of fresh air.

So what makes the adventurous 'Bizarre Foods' host's mouth water? "Roast chicken."

Are we being Punk'd? we wondered, sitting in the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado, across from a man who literally makes his living eating weird food on television.

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"I could eat it every night of the week, and it drives my family crazy," he chuckled. "It's my favorite food; a really well-done roast chicken."

It's safe to say that was not the answer we expected, when preparing for our interview with the legendary foodie as part of our time at the Food & Wine Classic.

But while Zimmern's answer was certainly surprising, it was comforting, too. Apparently, loving food on a professional level doesn't require turning down your nose at the good old basics, and what a relief!

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In addition to chatting with us about his love of roast chicken, Zimmern dished (pun intended) on the Food & Wine Classic: "It's summer camp for food geeks. I only wish it was six or seven weeks long."

And as for bizarre food recommendations, the chef encourages everyone to try donkey -- a near-superfood in his mind.

"Donkey meat is extremely healthy for you," he said. "And donkey milk has a huge amount of super proteins and amino acids. Also, donkey is delicious."

We'll do our best to give it a try, Chef!

By Molly Winding

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