80-year-old body builder proves age is just a number

It's Never Too Late To Try Something New
It's Never Too Late To Try Something New

Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than many of us will ever be. She's now 80 years old and is an accomplished body builder, trainer, and model. Let's add role model to her resume, too.

Photo Credit: Ernestine Shepherd, Facebook

Yes, you read that right. 80 years old and still rocking.

Ernestine has been dubbed the world's oldest body builder by Guinness Book of World Records not once, but twice.

Photo Credit: Ernestine Shepherd, Facebook

What started as a family tragedy spurred a change in Ernestine, veering her towards living a more health-conscious life. After her sister passed away, Ernestine dedicated her life to wellness, fitness, and happiness...all at age 56.

Today, at age 80, her discipline and hard work continues. 'I am 80 years young today and I thank God for bringing me this far. I'm still determined, I'm still dedicated and I'm still disciplined to be fit!' she said in a recent Facebook post.

Photo Credit: Ernestine Shepherd, Facebook

Her recent book, The "Ageless" Journey of Ernestine Shepherd, is truly a testament to her hard work and dedication to helping others.

Good luck keeping up with her work out classes or 10-mile run at 3 am.

Run, Ernestine, run!

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