65% of Americans want this over a fancy job title

Millennials Job-Hopping: Money Isn't the Problem
Millennials Job-Hopping: Money Isn't the Problem

The job title means nothing if you don't have this...

I've written before about the rising trend in crazy job titles. It's fueled by the digital revolution that's forcing all of us to pay more attention to how we present our professional selves online. However, in spite of the need for job titles with special keywords to stand out, workers would much rather something else.

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Who's Driving The Bus? (More Importantly, Should I Trust Them With My Life?)

New research shows nearly two-thirds of Americans workers (65%) would accept a job without a fancy title to work at a company with a CEO they believe in. As part of the research for LinkedIn's Top Attractors List (a list of the top 40 companies that attract and retain the most talent), they reviewed the job seeking actions of their 433 million users. It revealed workers need to not only believe in the vision of the company, but in the person creating the vision.

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Not surprisingly, 65% of the companies that made the list are founder-led. A deeper look at the data by Suzy Welch reveals job seekers are fueled by two major factors: excitement and opportunity. Which leads to the question: What qualities does a CEO need to get this kind of employee following?

It Comes Down To Influence

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Science proves, if you want your employees to feel passion for your mission and inspired by your vision, you need to be persuasive. Influence matters. The better you are at convincing others your business is worthy of their time and energy, the easier it is to attract top talent. With that in mind, here are a few tips for building your influence:

1. Display More Confidence - Studies prove humans equate confidence with expertise. When you speak assuredly, you give the impression you've been there, done that.

2. Talk Like A Real Person - Turns out, it's okay to let a curse word or two slip out because they have a positive affect on influence. The unfiltered emotion indicates sincerity in your passion.

3. Discuss Both Sides Of The Argument - Leaders who can not only confidently share their opinion, but can also see and articulate the counter argument against what they want to do are proving they have a full grasp of the situation, providing more reasons to believe their opinion.

Today's leaders need to be more accountable for their actions than ever before. Employees are choosing who to work for based on how much they feel they know and understand the CEO. Which means, leaders who understand and embrace the need to be more transparent and authentic will win the war for talent.

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