11 beauty products worth splurging on

Transform skin with a dermaplaning tool
Transform skin with a dermaplaning tool

When it comes to how you spend your money, there are certain things you should find a deal on ... and others worth the investment. It's a theme that should run through several aspects of your life -- because while you might be smart to invest $150 in a classic pair of pants you'll wear for years, you should probably put that super trendy $300 top back on the shelf -- and beauty is no different.

Taking care of your skin is nothing to joke around with and it's one of the areas of your routine that you should seriously consider a splurge. No one is knocking the beauty of drugstore mascara, but you'll definitely feel a difference in your skin when you choose a really, really quality product for your skin.

Below, 11 of our favorite, splurge-worthy beauty products you should add to your arsenal. From a tool that will tone and firm-up your skin in minutes to a bee venom-infused cream worthy of royalty, you can't go wrong.

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