Woman wears panda suit in real estate pictures to get home sold

How Not to Sell Your House
How Not to Sell Your House

A lot of time and paperwork goes into selling a home. So when Jessica Arnett, co-owner of Villa Real Estate in Texas, decided to draw more eyes to a listing, let's just say she went above and beyond.

Arnett, who's based in Houston, was fed up with the lack of traffic to one listing in the nearby suburb of Spring. The home, located at 22427 High Point Pines Dr., had been on the market for three weeks, she told the Houston Chronicle, and in that time, it had only received two showings.

Oddly enough, the seller told Arnett that he'd heard of a guy in Canada who posed in a panda costume for the listing photos. The gimmick apparently worked, so she decided to do the same thing.

Within a day of the new listing going up, she received several requests for showings and "tons of calls" from fellow Realtors who approved of the tactic, the Chronicle reported.

"Realtors asked me where I got the panda costume," Arnett told the paper. "I said, 'Don't steal my idea!'"


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