Toddlers become best friends while fighting cancer together

Toddlers Become Best Friends While Fighting Cancer Together In The Hospital
Toddlers Become Best Friends While Fighting Cancer Together In The Hospital

They may look like two healthy toddlers having fun. But they're actually two sick toddlers in the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Both little boys are battling cancer, both suffering from rare forms of leukemia. But that's what brought 3-year-old Aiden and 2-year-old Silas together.

Aiden was admitted after his diagnosis recently, but Silas has had nearly 17 rounds of chemotherapy since he was born.

The journey has been challenging, but their friendship has made it easier. To have a partner, a friend going through similar experiences made it easier for the two. After Aiden's arrival, "It was like, 'He's my size! And they hit it right off," explained Aiden's mother to a local news station.

"Medicine does its job, doctors come in and their compassionate, but having somebody, especially a child who is missing out on their childhood, to be able to be truly happy – happy while they're fighting so hard – you can't buy that," she explained.

Their friendship was so strong that after Aiden was discharged, he returned to the hospital to see his best friend, Silas.

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