This guy landed a job at 'GQ' without an interview, thanks to a 20-page magazine-style resume

How to build a killer resume that stands out from the crowd
How to build a killer resume that stands out from the crowd

Applying for your dream job at one of the world's leading magazines and getting hired without even being asked to come in for an interview seems nearly close to impossible.

But for Bengaluru, India creative marketing professional Sumukh Mehta, that seemingly far off dream just became a reality.

It's safe to say that if you're applying for a job at any publication, it's important to show your potential employer that you embody the essence of the publication's mission and message, that you can fit in with company culture and be a strong fit as a walking representative of the company itself.

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Mehta set out to do just that and created what might possibly go down as the greatest resume and application of all time.

He made a 20-page version of his own GQ magazine, complete with high-editorial level photographs, genius graphic design and work experience formatted as GQ-style listicles and editorials.

Take a look at Mehta's resume below, which he posted on his Facebook page:

It took Mehta over three weeks to complete.

On his Facebook page, Mehta shared:

"In today's competitive world, everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work and that's what I did."

Creative is quite the understatement.

His resume was sent to GQ offices in London, N.Y.C. and Mumbai before scoring an internship with GQ London -- sans interview, of course.

As if we didn't already feel that our resumes needed some embellishing to help us stand out!

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