This curling cutie is already practicing for the next winter Olympics

Cute Collie and Friends Enjoy Being Curled
Cute Collie and Friends Enjoy Being Curled

Canadians love curling -- and apparently, dogs do too!

In an adorable video shared on YouTube in February, Lava the border collie and her friends, Lizzy and Lexi, can be seen enjoying the ice in Calgary, Canada, as they sit on top of curling rock that their owners are sliding across the ice.

Though Lava and her pals seem to be pretty passive team players here, rest assured that they do, in fact, possess some actual athletic abilities of their own.

A video posted on Lava's Facebook page shows her working on her b-ball skills, and sinking a shot even LeBron would be proud of.

Did we mention, she can even DUNK?

Dare we say, Air Bud might be in danger of losing his title as the world's most talented four-legged athlete.